Cloud Platform

Work from anywhere and follow your business developments


Sales, purchases, inventory and reports

Digital Menu

An electronic menu facilitates the ordering process

Tables management

You can customize the order for each table by QR

Branch management

You can manage and follow up on the sales of all branches of your project

Various designs

You can customize the menu with a variety of designs

Various options

Wide options to customize your digital work style

Electronic payment

Secure electronic payment directly to your account

No commissions

Without any hidden amounts, only the subscription Cost

Delivery options

The order is delivered either by you or through delivery applications

Discount coupons.

The best type of marketing is discount codes for customers

WhatsApp Ordering

The restaurant can receive order information via WhatsApp

Loyalty system

Keep your customers loyal with free points when ordering

Merchants app

Receive your customers' orders through the Restaurants for Merchants app

Delivery app

Send delivery requests to your delivery man

منصة مطاعم الوسيلة الاسهل لاستقبال وادارة طلبات مطعمك عبر المنيو الالكتروني

Invest in the best cost-effective online ordering solutions

Provide your customers with a different ordering experience using the Mta3em platform Digital menu and mobile application

Starter package

More than 30 professional features that help you receive orders via the electronic menu

Spread package

It contains all the benefits of the starter package, in addition to administrative features that help you in the financial management of your restaurant

integrated package

Includes all the benefits of the Deployment Package plus the full marketing and customer service package

منصة مطاعم الوسيلة الاسهل لاستقبال وادارة طلبات مطعمك عبر المنيو الالكتروني


أكثر الاسئلة التي تصلنا

The Mta3em platform facilitates process automation solutions within meal-serving establishments, such as restaurants and cafes, and takes care of all the minute details to provide high-quality service at a reasonable price.

The electronic payment service is only available so that the customer can complete the order.

You, as a restaurant or café owner, can connect directly through the electronic payment gateway and receive the value of the orders directly.

You can add only one main language, and you can add a main language, another sublanguage, and add sublanguages according to your need. The platform supports adding most international languages.

كما تدعم المنصة الاتجاه الكتابي من اليمين لليسار للغة العربية والعكس لباقي اللغات التي تعرض النصوص من اليسار لليمين.

By subscribing to the platform, you will get the following:

  • Your own web link. You can also link your own domain to the menu page.
  • Offers and discounts.
  • Discount coupons.
  • Loyalty points and redemption.
  • Content marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing through influencers.
  • Page promotional banner.
  • Search engine ads.
  • Social media platform ads.

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